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Friday, June 23, 2006

D Crawford Insurance Services
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What's So Special about us:
  • Single person contact- from marketing to sales to service
  • Indication on the first call- Quotes usually the same day
  • Designated 'Construction Risk & Insurance Specialist'
  • Surprise Prevention- including staff education training
  • Compliance coordination- keep your subs' certs valid
  • Cutting-Edge Service- Continuous Education Oriented
Contractors, you need to know this:
  1. Insurance companies take the wording of your indemnity agreements seriously. The contracts you have with your subcontractors probably start with the wording ‘to indemnify and hold harmless’ which is good, but that gives the insurance company leeway to pay any claim by reimbursing you after its settled rather than defending you from the beginning. Your contracts need to say ‘to indemnify, hold harmless and defend’ to usually get around this problem.
  2. ISO Endorsement CG2139* completely removes contractual liability for indemnity agreements, some subcontractors are buying policies with this endorsement, especially if they drive in their line of work. Many people don't understand the implications, I do & I'll be happy to tell you, as well as why so many GC's want the CG2010 1185 additional insured endorsement.
What my clients say:
QwikResponse , Cerritos

"Deborah, you have been a fantastic agent over the years. Our phone calls and emails are always returned promptly. We always receive our certificates in a timely manner. We highly recommend you to anyone looking for a broker and appreciate you shopping around for the best prices." ~ Ashley Smith 
"I refer everyone I can to you. I appreciate your years of excellent service and that you return my calls promptly, even on weekends!" ~Peter DiFilippo

Wholesaler's recent comment:
"This is the first time ever that we got a one day quote from NIC with a reduction in rate on a homebuilder due to Deborah's perfect submission!" (Client saved over $11,000 in premium!)
A sample of the follow services are available to you right now completely free of charge:
  • Contract Indemnity agreement verification
  • Verify your subcontractors certificates and endorsements
  • Telephone consultation to review your current policy and endorsements
  • If you would simply like a quote, I'll take your application right over the phone.
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